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Arnold's Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Arnold's Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Predator and Prey Program – Students learn about the interconnectedness of all living things, the "circle ofArnold's Wildlife Rehabilitation Center life", and all aspects of the food web. Examples of the panther and alligator food web are used to explain the importance of a healthy ecosystem for all living creatures. Without one part of the food web, all aspects are impacted.


Arnold's Wildlife Rehabilitation CenterFlorida Panther Program Participants learn numerous fascinating facts about the Endangered Florida Panther including their range, diet, habitat, etc. while seeing one of these magnificent animals up-close and personal.


Arnold's Wildlife Rehabilitation Center


Wildlife Adventures Students learn about keystone species and animals from around the world. Participants learn about exotic animals such as African servals and caracals (pictured on the right), as well as Australian wallabies.

More Pictures and Information on our Educational Programs can be found here.


Student Camps - Spring and Summer

Arnold’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (ARWC) student camps are coordinated in partnership with Florida Atlantic University’s Center for Environmental Studies (FAU) at the Riverwoods Field Lab. The program offers a weeklong environmental education camp for 8-12 year olds. Arnold's Wildlife Rehabilitation CenterCamp sessions are one week targeting 15 -18 students per session. The children learn about native and exotic wildlife and their roles in the environment. In addition, students explore the Kissimmee River to learn about the restoration, which is the largest project ever attempted in the United States. The camp provides a fun-filled and educational week that includes nature hikes where campers collect bird and butterfly data. The camps give the children a chance to explore and appreciate the wonders of nature and learn about the fascinating animals that live there. In addition, the children make arts and crafts that focus on wildlife and get to take them home to impress their parents! More Pictures and Information


Arnold's Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Wildlife Rehabilitation

Arnold's Wildlife Rehabilitation CenterAWRC currently rehabilitates over 1000 animals each year. Last year, our first Bald Eagle was released into the wild. It had been injured in a territorial fight over Lake Okeechobee. After surgery and a six week long recovery, he was released two days before Christmas. Other native wildlife that have been rehabilitated and released include: opossums, crested cara caras, deer, great blue herons, wood storks, great horned owls, barn owls and red tailed hawks. Unfortunately, not all wildlife can be rehabilitated to the point that they can be released into the wild. Many of these animals are used for our education programs. More Pictures and Information


Butterfly Garden

Arnold's Wildlife Rehabilitation CenterA year and a half ago, AWRA partnered with FAU to install a beautiful butterfly garden as a student service learning project for FAU’s Hispanic Youth Leadership Students from Okeechobee. Now the garden is literally blooming butterflies with over 40 species found. Students have counted up to 20 species at one time! More Pictures and Information




Wetland Boardwalk

In the spring of 2004, AWRC partnered with FAU’s Arnold's Wildlife Rehabilitation CenterAlternative Spring Break college students and the Student Conservation Association (SCA) to build a 100 ft. boardwalk over our wetlands. The SCA team taught the spring breakers all the skills needed to build a beautiful boardwalk from which to explore the wetlands. More Pictures and Information

Nature Trail

The mile-long nature trail winds through uplands, old orange groves and an oak hammock, and is the perfect location for spotting all types of wildlife, including birds and butterflies. The plan is for students to create identification sheets and collect wildlife data as part of an on-going student service-learning project. More Pictures and Information

Arnold's Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

For more information about the education and rehabilitation programs at Arnold’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, please contact Sue Arnold at: 863/763-4630


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