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Wildlife Tips


When the need arises to help an injured animal, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • First and foremost, use common sense and think of your safety.  An injured animal can still cause you serious injury!

  • If you are in doubt of your safety, call us or your local animal control officer immediately for assistance.

  • Take some time and observe the animal.  Does it appear to be injured or in immediate danger of a predator?

  • Only attempt to rescue it if the animal has been orphaned, injured, or in danger.

  • Keep the animal in a warm, dark, and quiet place.

  • Try to handle the animal as little as possible.  Handling can cause stress to the animal which could be fatal.

  • Do not attempt to give food or water to the animal.  This could cause problems if the animal should need surgery.

  • Call the center as soon as possible to assist in the rescue or to arrange transport.


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